Many people are unsure as to how the coronavirus test is done, and which test to take given there are currently three coronavirus tests available. AlphaBiolabs works with businesses to provide all three testing solutions to companies and their employees, and has carried out extensive research and testing trials to understand more about the different types of test, the accuracy of each test and how they work.

How is the coronavirus disease test done?

Rachel Davenport, AlphaBiolabs Commercial Director, explains more:

“There are three different coronavirus test and they fall into two categories. The COVID-19 PCR test is designed to test an individual for a current infection. It will reveal whether a person is actively carrying the virus and therefore could be infectious to other employees within your business, or the public for that matter. A positive result will of course mean that an employee should follow government guidelines on quarantining and isolation from others.

The Antigen test is very similar in that it can also detect a current infection, but it gives an instant result via a portable immunoassay device. The sample collection for both the PCR and the Antigen tests can be carried out by the individual themselves, but the PCR test requires a laboratory procedure to determine a result – this can take up to 1-2 working days.

The Antibody test will determine whether somebody has developed antibodies in response to the virus. The test can identify the coronavirus infection from 21 days after exposure to the virus or 7 days onwards after the onset of symptoms. The IgM result indicates a current, ongoing infection and the IgG result will show a previous, historic COVID-19 infection.

“Employers looking to return their teams back to the office, factory floor, shop floor or site, should strongly consider bringing a COVID-19 testing programme into their business. Not only does regular, onsite testing reassure employees that you are doing your utmost to keep them protected, but it gives you vital information for managing any employees present at any of your worksites, so that you can pinpoint potential infection hotspots and implement alternative working arrangements where possible, or even advise staff to go home if required.

“When backed up by other protection measures such as thermal imaging cameras, staggered working times, hand gels and masks, testing can help keep your business running in these unprecedented, uncertain times.”

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*It is not yet known whether a previous infection to coronavirus provides immunity. Where a positive result to an antibody test occurs, the latest government guidance on isolation and quarantining should be followed.

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