Our DNA tests never lie. Thomas Kenny on the other hand, can’t get enough of it. The most notable of which being his tactic to try and fool a Paternity DNA test, sending a lookalike in his place.

It is like something straight out of the plot of a cheesy sitcom, where the main character finds themselves in a predicament where they need to be in two places at once; perhaps sending a near dopple-ganger to interview for the job of their dreams, while still being able to attend an anniversary dinner with their wife, which they very nearly totally forgot (hence why they agreed to the interview in the first place – doh!)

However, Thomas Kenny didn’t need to be in two places at once and his motives were far from comical. He was sending the lookalike to take the DNA paternity test in order to avoid paying child maintenance.

Avoiding Child Maintenance

Already a father and expecting another child with his long-term partner, Kenny had a fling with another woman, who became pregnant.

He then put pressure on her to have an abortion, and when she wouldn’t he decided to do everything he could to avoid parting with the money.

When told to take a DNA test, ordered by the Child Support Agency, he tried to manoeuvre his way out of his responsibility. Kenny was convicted of fraud after the mother of Kenny’s first two children was also made to take a DNA test, but he avoided immediate jail time.

With the DNA test ordered to prove he was the father of the second woman’s unborn child, it was unclear whether it was Kenny’s idea or the person who had been sent, to try and use their physical similarity to his advantage.

The fraud came to light when Kenny was arrested in June last year, but even then he continued to deny being the father.

“One Way or Another you Sent Someone in Your Place”

Judge Philip Parker said to Kenny during the proceedings that “you wished her to have an abortion which she declined and then in December 2012, when you knew you were the father of her forthcoming child, you decided to deny paternity. As a result of that, she and the child were forced to undergo DNA testing.

“On the 24th of June 2013 you were required to provide a DNA sample to a doctor. One way or another. You sent someone in your place.”

Much like a cheesy sitcom, any underhandedness gets found out in the end and the moral of the story is clear. It is unlikely that Thomas Kenny will have taken away any morals from this, but he may be less likely to involve his dopple-ganger in any other crazy schemes soon, as he was sentenced to six months suspended for 12 months.

Perhaps Kenny and his lookalike will be able to raise some of the child maintenance money starring in a magic act, with tricks that solely involve Kenny disappearing in one location and reappearing in another. Anything more sinister than that and that other location may well be prison.

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This process includes photo identification verification, so learn from Kenny’s mistake, it is best not to send a mate who looks a little bit like you in your place.