COVID-19 screening your workforce is vital at this time with employees either electing to self-isolate when they believe they may have been in contact with someone suspected of having coronavirus, or if they display some of the most typical symptoms of the condition.

Coronavirus testing via the NHS is currently significantly restricted so the options are to look for a reputable organisation who can offer a rapid testing solution for coronavirus in the workplace.

Never has the term ‘key worker’ been more used than now. At one time it only referred to public sector employees, but now with the country facing lockdown, it is becoming evident which roles and sectors fall into this category alongside the NHS professionals, care staff, teaching professionals, police and firefighters. Those involved in the physical supply chain – the warehousing teams, the truck drivers, shelf stackers and the local delivery team are now part of the key working community that is essential to supporting the nation.

Keep your workforce safe

AlphaBiolabs can help with an easy-to-administer coronavirus test, which can be performed by a suitably trained individual, a company nurse or Occupational Health personnel.

The testing process is very simple and involves only four steps from taking the finger-prick blood sample to getting the results (within 15 minutes).

For more information about the coronavirus testing kit

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