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A birth certificate is a historical record that was correct when the birth was registered. As such, it is not easy to make any changes. However, you can apply to change who the father is on a birth certificate if a DNA test proves that the man named on the certificate isn’t the biological father.

Peace of Mind DNA paternity testing cannot be used in these cases because strict chain of custody conditions must be maintained to ensure that the individual undergoing the DNA testing is indeed who he says he is. This means that a trained sample collector or medical professional will need to collect the sample. Alternatively, samples can be collected at one of our nationwide Walk in Centres. However, a Peace of Mind paternity test may be useful to confirm the outcome of the test prior to seeking legal advice or instructing legal DNA testing.

When you produce your legal DNA paternity test results to the General Register Office (GRO) ( proving that the person recorded on the child’s birth certificate is not the biological father, you can apply to have the details amended. However, please note that if a subsequent birth certificate is issued, it will still show the incorrect details but there will be a note indicating that the named father’s details had been entered in error.

To add the biological father on a birth certificate, an application again needs to be made to the GRO to re-register the birth. As long as both parents agree, the child’s surname can usually be changed upon re-registration, although some restrictions may apply. Children over 16 years of age will also need to agree to the change. However, please note that a birth cannot be re-registered just to change a child’s surname.

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