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It is possible to apply for a birth registration correction when the information on the registration is wrong. For example, you can rectify a mistake which was made when recording a parent’s occupation.

It is not possible to apply for a correction to show new information if circumstances change after you’ve registered your child’s birth (such as changing your name after getting married again).

Amending the father’s details

You can only apply to change who the father is if a paternity test proves (or a court order says) that the man named on the certificate isn’t the natural father. For this type of change, you must apply to the General Register Office (GRO). The GRO DNA test is needed to prove who the biological father is. However, as this is for legal reasons a Peace of Mind or store-bought home DNA testing kit will not suffice. With AlphaBiolabs’ legal DNA testing services, we maintain the chain of custody throughout the entire process to ensure that the results are confidential and court approved. We can also provide DNA results the next day, or even the same day if required.

A list of court-approved DNA testing laboratories can be found here:

When the legal DNA paternity test results are provided to the GRO (, you can apply to have the details amended. However, please note that if a subsequent birth certificate is issued, it will still show the incorrect details but there will be a note indicating that the named father’s details had been entered in error.

In the case of recording the biological father on a birth certificate, an application needs to be made to the GRO to re-register the birth. As long as both parents agree, the child’s surname can usually be changed upon re-registration, although some restrictions may apply. A child aged 16 years old, or over, will also need to agree to the change. However, please note that a birth cannot be re-registered just to change a child’s surname.

Further details on our legal DNA testing services can be accessed here. To order a legal DNA test or if you need further information, please call Customer Services on 0333 600 1300 or email