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Rapid DNA testing for immigration purposes couldn’t be easier with AlphaBiolabs two London Walk in Centres. With next day results as standard, this immigration DNA testing service has an unprecedented turnaround time and is the fastest in the UK.

The rapid DNA results can be used for immigration cases, applications and appeals, and are accepted by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), UK Passport Office, the Home Office and UK courts.

DNA testing is a powerful tool for identifying family relationships. When this is used to determine the relationship of the family members of a UK citizen, it becomes invaluable in supporting immigration cases. AlphaBiolabs offers a range of DNA tests at its Walk in Centres (based in Camden in North London and Clapham in South London) to identify all relationships including paternity, maternity, aunt and uncle, sibling, grandparent and Y chromosome services. All tests only involve collecting cheek cells with a mouth swab and no blood is needed.

Court-admissible immigration DNA testing in London

If applying for British citizenship, an immigration DNA test to prove that there is a family relationship between at least two parties must follow strict conditions to be admissible in a UK court or immigration hearing. All of AlphaBiolabs’ sample collectors maintain chain of custody throughout the process, which is crucial to provide court-approved results that can be used for legal reasons. This involves checking identification and providing proof that the sample collection took place (such as taking photos of sample donors) to ensure that the intended individual provided the sample.

In addition, we have a UK-wide network of trained collectors available to take DNA samples from your home, office, or any other convenient address. We are also able to collect DNA samples from immigration centres or consulates, and if required, Embassies worldwide. We also offer a 6-month interest-free payment option to help with the payment for the DNA immigration test.

For more information about immigration DNA testing in London

If you require an immigration DNA test for yourself, a relative or a client in London, please call AlphaBiolabs on 0333 600 1300 or email for a quote. To view all of our DNA testing services, please visit our website