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Covid testing in the workplace can help you keep your business or operation running, reduce staff absenteeism and protect your employees.

AlphaBiolabs can provide companies and organisations with individually packaged lateral flow kits so you can test your workforce for Covid-19. These rapid antigen tests can be used on your own site and don’t need to be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

As results are available in less than half an hour, you can quickly ask any employees who test positive to return home and begin a period of self-isolation.

The lateral flow kits we provide are individually packaged to avoid the risk of contamination and to ensure complete safety. They are so easy to use that your workers can take the test themselves, although you may choose for the process to be overseen by your occupational health team or a supervisor.

Those using the individually packaged lateral flow kits will need to use the swab provided to take a sample from their nose and throat. Once the sample has been collected, it must be put into the device to check for evidence of the virus.

The immunoassay device is portable and self-contained and will display a test result within 15 to 30 minutes. If the test is negative, only the control line will show on the display, but if antigens from the Covid-19 virus are found, a second line will also appear.

Testing for your business needs with individually packaged lateral flow test kits

The Covid-19 pandemic has created all sorts of unforeseen challenges for the workplace. One of the most difficult things has been working out how to keep productivity levels high while keeping staff, customers and other stakeholders safe.

Regular testing, in addition to safe working practices and social distancing measures, can help protect the welfare of your team and those they come into contact with. By identifying people who have coronavirus before they start displaying symptoms, you can mitigate the risk of an outbreak at your workplace.

AlphaBiolabs can put together a tailormade testing programme for your business that takes into account the particular circumstances of your operation.

As well as rapid lateral flow tests, we can also carry out PCR testing on your staff.

A PCR test is recognised as the ‘gold standard’ Covid-19 test, and we can provide same-day results.

Unlike lateral flow tests, PCR samples must be sent back to our laboratory for expert analysis. While lateral flow tests can quickly detect people with a high viral load, PCR testing uses an advanced technique called polymerase chain reaction to multiply the cells collected in the sample to examine them for genetic material belonging to the Covid-19 virus.

Some businesses choose to use a combination of both lateral flow and PCR testing as part of their health and safety procedures.

We are even able to provide a sample collection service on your own site using our UK network of trained clinicians.

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