Individually wrapped lateral flow kits are beneficial to employers and organisations, used to regularly test and protect their staff from Covid-19 outbreaks in the workplace.

As not everyone with coronavirus experiences physical symptoms, simply asking employees to stay at home if they feel unwell is not enough to prevent the infection spreading. Asking people to take a test at work can quickly help identify individuals with an active infection, so they do not unknowingly pass it onto anyone else.

Individually wrapped lateral flow kits are an effective tool in workplace testing for Covid-19.

They provide clear results within 15 to 30 minutes so can be used at the start of a shift, before a worker comes into contact with colleagues or customers.

The kits are simple to use and don’t need to be sent off to a laboratory for testing.

Employees can take the test by themselves or under the supervision of your occupational health team.

The lateral flow tests use a swab to take a sample of cells from the nose and throat. This swab test is then put into a self-contained portable immunoassay device, which can detect the presence of Covid-19 antigens.

The test is able to detect the virus from 14 days after initial exposure or from the start of any symptoms. The results work in a similar way to a pregnancy test. A negative result shows a single control line, while a positive result shows two – the quality control line and the antigen detection line.

Covid testing programmes tailored to your needs

AlphaBiolabs can design Covid-19 testing programmes to meet the particular needs of your business. You may choose to ask your employees to take tests on a daily or weekly basis, or you may just want team members who will come into direct contact with customers to be tested. Whatever your requirements, we will create a tailormade solution for you.

In addition to lateral flow testing, AlphaBiolabs also offers ‘gold-standard’ PCR testing. Covid-19 PCR tests involve sending samples taken from the nose and throat back to the laboratory, where they are then analysed for genetic material (RNA) from the virus.

Although PCR testing is not as quick as lateral flow tests, we can still provide same-day results.

We even offer a sample collection service on your own premises using our own UK network of professional clinicians.

PCR tests are ideal for any employees needing to travel abroad for business. If the PCR test is negative, we will provide a fit to fly certificate suitable for international business travel, as long as you select this option when booking the test.

How to order Individually wrapped lateral flow kits:

To find out more about our Covid-19 testing services for employers, call our dedicated Workplace Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 or email

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