As the coronavirus pandemic continues, increasing demand for COVID-19 testing has forced the UK Government to restrict free NHS tests to symptomatic individuals. Yet, with reportedly 80% of coronavirus infections being mild or asymptomatic, a large proportion of cases remain untested and infectious.

To manage the knock-on effects of this for vital child and family services, as well as drug and alcohol and addiction and rehabilitation providers – regular employee screening is highly recommended.

Regular employee screening can detect asymptomatic staff members as soon as possible, allowing employers to isolate COVID-19 positive staff from the rest of the workforce and minimise any risk of transmission to others. It can protect vulnerable members of your team, their clients and their families, who, in some cases, are vulnerable individuals themselves.

To help vital service providers to continue to provide for their clients, AlphaBiolabs has developed an instant COVID-19 Antigen screening kit which will identify an active infection of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in 15 just minutes.

Our Antigen lateral flow screening kit has a (circa) 97.5% sensitivity rating and a specificity rating of over 99.9%. By simply taking a nose and throat swab sample and using the immunoassay testing device you will know in less than 20 minutes whether you are currently carrying coronavirus or are negative and free to go about your work and life without disruption.

The AlphaBiolabs instant lateral flow Antigen test is a game changer for service providers and businesses that cannot afford to lose staff, custom or worse still, have to temporarily close, due to a COVID-19 infection spread. Vulnerable individuals and families relying on your services will benefit from such testing, as well as the employees providing such essential services and support.

The test will also place managers and business leaders in a strong position for planning ahead and managing any disruption to your services be that because of multiple staff absences or shielding reasons.

Just like our 16 years’ long history of providing faultless drug and alcohol testing expertise to legal firms, family courts and social workers, our COVID-19 testing support has been tailored specifically with these vital services in mind, because we know how important it is, for our society as a whole, that these are able to continue operating safely and as efficiently as pre-COVID-19.    

AlphaBiolabs is ready to provide you with a reliable testing programme that includes the supply of instant result COVID-19 screening kits.

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