Introducing our finger prick PEth blood alcohol test

Introducing our finger prick PEth blood alcohol test for legal and official matters

We are pleased to announce that you can now order a finger prick phosphatidylethanol (PEth) blood alcohol test for legal and official matters, direct from our award-winning, accredited UK laboratory.

Where other laboratories require a venepuncture blood draw for PEth testing (from a vein in the arm/back of the hand), our fast and effective finger prick PEth test simply requires a few blood drops, collected using a finger prick device.

The device is contained within a compact, specially-designed sample collection kit, which is then used to transport the dry blood spot samples back to our laboratory for testing.

We are also one of the few UK laboratories to offer PEth testing in-house, meaning samples are never sent abroad.

There are many benefits to PEth blood alcohol testing using finger prick blood samples:

  • Quick, virtually pain-free method of collection
  • Less invasive than venepuncture (needle and vial collection)
  • Ideal for Sample Donors who are needle phobic or have poor vein access
  • Dry blood spots are stable for months at ambient temperature, reducing the risk of sample degradation

Our professional and fully-trained Sample Collectors will guide Sample Donors through the process at the point of collection, while following strict chain of custody procedures to ensure sample integrity is maintained, for court-admissible alcohol test results.

And because no specialist phlebotomy or venepuncture skills are required to perform the collection, the overall sample collection process is much simpler – and more cost-efficient for customers.

What is PEth?

PEth is a direct biomarker of alcohol, meaning it can only be made in the body when alcohol has been consumed. This makes PEth testing the most accurate of the four blood tests (PEth, CDT, LFT, MCV) to determine alcohol abuse.

The high specificity and sensitivity of PEth is due to the fact it is directly related to alcohol consumption.

Drinking experiments show that PEth can be detected in blood after 1-2 hours and for up to 12 days after a single drinking episode. Additionally, daily alcohol consumption of more than 60g ethanol can clearly be distinguished from lower alcohol consumption.

PEth testing can provide an overview of historic alcohol consumption of up to four weeks. However, the greater the consumption and/or larger the binge session(s), the longer the period of detection.

In summary, PEth testing can be used to:

  • Detect chronic and single-drinking episodes
  • Monitor abstinence, drinking behaviour or relapse
  • Verify whether individuals have changed their patterns of alcohol consumption

PEth vs. Other tests

Where can I order a finger prick PEth test

You can order a finger prick PEth test now, direct from our laboratory.

We offer a full legal alcohol testing service for family law solicitors, social workers, local authorities, and members of the public looking for an alcohol test for legal or official matters.

Our alcohol tests range from breath tests, to blood, hair and nail analyses, to show alcohol consumption over a defined period. We also offer continuous alcohol monitoring in the form of the SCRAM CAM® bracelet.

Our professional Sample Collectors can collect samples from virtually any location convenient to the customer/Sample Donor including homes, offices, workplaces, medical/community facilities, hospitals, hostels, prisons, refuges, placement/foster homes, AlphaBiolabs’ nationwide walk-in centres or elsewhere.

We also offer FREE sample collections for legally-instructed alcohol tests from our walk-in centres.

For the most conclusive insight into alcohol misuse, we recommend our Comprehensive Alcohol Analysis Package, which combines head hair alcohol testing with blood tests (including PEth) and includes an Expert Report and sample collection. This is a popular testing package for family law courts.

Call us on 0333 600 1300, email or complete our online quote form, and our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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