Non-invasive Prenatal Genetic Test

Introducing the AlphaBiolabs Non-invasive Prenatal Genetic Test (NIPT)

Expectant parents can depend on one of the UK’s leading DNA laboratories for an insight into their baby’s health, with the launch of the AlphaBiolabs Non-invasive Prenatal Genetic Test.  

Available now from £495 with FREE sample collection by an AlphaBiolabs clinician, and results available in just 5 days, this new test uses revolutionary DNA technology to screen unborn babies for certain chromosomal conditions (aneuploidies), from 10 weeks into pregnancy.

You have the option to purchase two types of tests, direct from our award-winning UK laboratory.

Our Standard AlphaBiolabs NIPT (£339) screens for three genetic conditions: Down’s Syndrome (Trisomy 21), Edward’s Syndrome (Trisomy 18) and Patau’s Syndrome (Trisomy 13).  

The Advanced AlphaBiolabs NIPT (£379) screens for the three conditions included in our Standard test, plus all other autosomal aneuploidies (AAs/chromosomal conditions), and conditions affecting the sex chromosomes (sex chromosome aneuploidies/SCAs).

Both tests can also tell you the sex of your baby, which is entirely optional. Simply choose whether you would like this information included in your test results when placing your order.

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Why choose AlphaBiolabs’ NIPT?

With only a blood sample required from the mother, our testing is 100% risk-free for mother and baby, and can be used to determine if there is an increased risk of your baby being affected by a chromosomal condition (aneuploidy).

If you are pregnant, knowing the level of risk of your baby having a genetic condition can either give you peace of mind, or provide you with the information you need to make important decisions about your pregnancy.

Traditional screening for these conditions offered by the NHS is known as the combined test and is typically performed between weeks 11 and 13 of pregnancy.

However, this screening is not offered to everyone, and will usually only be recommended if the mother is considered to be at an increased risk of having a baby with one of the three most common chromosomal abnormalities (Down’s Syndrome, Edward’s Syndrome or Patau’s Syndrome).

By comparison, the AlphaBiolabs Non-invasive Prenatal Genetic Test is available to anyone – not just expectant mothers who have been designated high risk – and can be performed from as early as 10 weeks into pregnancy.

Where NHS screening tests are often carried out throughout the first and/or second trimesters of pregnancy over several weeks, the results of our NIPTs are available in only 5 working days, meaning that you will also receive your results must faster than if you were to follow the traditional NHS pathway.

How are samples collected?

Our non-invasive and completely risk-free prenatal genetic testing requires a blood sample to be collected from the mother by an AlphaBiolabs clinician.

Sample collection is FREE with the cost of your test, and you will be given the option for how you would like your sample collected when placing your order.

You can either:

  • Choose to have your sample collected at one of our nationwide walk-in centres or
  • Arrange an appointment for a professional AlphaBiolabs sample collector to visit you at home, or another convenient location of your choice

Once you have ordered your test, our friendly and discreet Customer Services team will contact you to arrange your sample collection appointment.

An insight into your baby’s health

Order your Standard or Advanced Non-invasive Prenatal Genetic Test online now from £495, with only a blood sample required, and results available in 5 working days.

Expectant mothers can take either the Standard or Advanced test from as early as 10 weeks into pregnancy. Both tests are suitable for single and twin pregnancies, as well as IVF and surrogate pregnancies.

You also have the option to find out the sex of your baby, at no additional cost. Simply select this option when placing your order and, if sex can be determined, this information will be included in your test results. 

IMPORTANT: You will be asked to confirm that you are at least 10 weeks pregnant, along with whether you are having a single or twin pregnancy, when placing your order. You must have this confirmed via an ultrasound before your blood sample is collected. 

These tests are not suitable for expectant women carrying more than two foetuses, carrying dichorionic twins (where there are two placentas), who have been diagnosed with cancer, who have received an organ transplant or heterologous cell transplant in the last 12 months, or who carry a chromosomal imbalance.

Non-invasive Prenatal Genetic Testing (NIPT)

Order your Standard or Advanced test online now from just £495, with FREE sample collection.