Introducing the Same Day Paternity Test

If doubts over the paternity of your child are causing arguments, you could now be just hours away from ending the uncertainty and finding out the truth. AlphaBiolabs has unveiled its fasted paternity test yet with same day results for just £199. Our highly-skilled team will start working on your DNA samples as soon as they arrive in our UK-based laboratory, emailing you with the confidential results later that day. When you order our same day paternity test, you will be sent a sample collection kit including mouth swabs to painlessly gather DNA from the child, the suspected father and the mother. And once you have sent the samples back to us, the results will be available the very same day they arrive in the lab.* AlphaBiolabs is already known for offering the fastest DNA tests in the world. This achievement saw our company win a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation earlier this year. But we value accuracy just as much as speed and all our paternity test results are checked twice to avoid mistakes and mix-ups. We are also the only UK laboratory to offer 24-marker paternity testing so you can be certain that the results you receive can be trusted. Only laboratory trusted by Jeremy Kyle We first developed same day paternity testing to meet the demands of the ITV television programme The Jeremy Kyle Show. AlphaBiolabs is the only laboratory used by the show for DNA testing and speed is vital to make sure the results are ready in time for filming. Through our work with The Jeremy Kyle Show, we found a way of streamlining our processes to allow us to have highly accurate DNA results within six hours of receiving the samples. We are proud to now be able to offer this express service to members of the public so everyone can benefit. At AlphaBiolabs, we have always prided ourselves on leading the way when it comes to testing services. We already offer same day DNA tests results as standard for just £149. If you are not in a rush to find out the results or you are on a tight budget, our £99 paternity test has a three-day turnaround from the moment your samples are received by our laboratory. *Same day testing from the time your samples arrive back at our UK based laboratory.