Is Jeremy Kyle DNA testing real? Absolutely!

We’ve all seen The Jeremy Kyle Show where a DNA test result is magically produced to prove or disprove a chaotic family relationship. Remember the most shocking DNA results ever?

  • You refused to put me on the birth certificate – prove I’m the dad!
  • I hated you the first day I met you – I hope I’m not your dad
  • Prove you’re my sister then stop harassing my family
  • I’ve only met your daughter twice because I know I’m not her dad!

It’s makes for great viewing. But is this for real? How is it possible to get the life-changing DNA results back by the time the daily show is aired?

Well it is real. And we can reveal that it’s down to the expertise and rapid DNA testing of the AlphaBiolabs’ DNA experts.

The Jeremy Kyle show uses our rapid DNA testing

Since the ITV show started in 2005, our Warrington-based laboratory has been carrying out the thousands of DNA tests. As well as Paternity tests, these have included Maternity, Sibling, Twin, Grandparent, Aunt and Uncle tests.

DNA sample collection kits can be bought from our website or local High Street stores and posted out direct to your home. To get the DNA sample you simply need to rub a mouth swab on the inside of each cheek to collect buccal cells. The DNA kits include full instructions on how to collect the DNA samples. You can get your DNA results the very next day from as little as £99. Same day results are also available for an extra £70.

How are the tests performed?

Once the samples are received at our laboratory, our analysts extract the DNA from the cheek cell samples using one of the newest DNA extraction techniques available. Our laboratory is one of only a few accredited to test up to 42 DNA Short Tandem Repeats (STR) markers as standard (most relationship tests are performed using only 16 STR markers). These STR markers are specific locations on a chromosome made up of sequences of repeated DNA, which are highly variable in length between individuals. Each individual has two copies of each STR marker, known as alleles: one is inherited from the father and the other from the mother.

The two alleles observed at each STR marker are compared between the sample donors. The correspondence of alleles provides evidence of a relationship between them. Statistical calculations are then performed to determine the probability of the sample donors sharing a relationship.

To get the DNA results back in time for filming The Jeremy Kyle Show, AlphaBiolabs starts its working day at 5am. Members of the public just need to post their DNA samples in to reach us by 10am for same or next day results. If you have any queries or require further information, please call AlphaBiolabs on 0333 600 1300 or email

Order a DNA Test

AlphaBiolabs is an award-winning DNA testing lab. DNA testing starts from just £99.