The Jeremy Kyle show is not just about entertaining the nation during the daytime, it also sometimes clads its superhero suit of ethics and steps in to save people from severe suffering.

A recent example of this was when the ITV show, that entrusts AlphaBiolabs with all of its DNA testing, intervened to tip off police over fears that two unwashed and malnourished children were being neglected by their parents.

They were guests on the show last February and left the children, both less than two years old, with staff at the studios in Manchester as they appeared on the programme.

The Jeremy Kyle show staff became extremely concerned about the children, that they were not being cared for properly, as they had bruises on their face and smelled strongly of urine and faeces despite having clean nappies.

One member of staff suggested that they were both ‘unresponsive, emotionally vacant, dirty and unkempt.’

Police Arrest Neglectful Parents

The day after filming, police and social workers arrived at the couple’s home in Coventry and arrested the parents for child neglect.

They found that the house was cold, dirty clothes were lying everywhere and there were faeces stains on the carpets, hardly a place for children to stay.

Both of the children were found to have barely put on any weight over several months and ‘fed like animals’ when they were placed in foster care.

Judge Philip Gregory, who presided over their case, pulled no punches while suggesting that the childrens’ overweight parents were not treating them fairly. He said: “Looking at these two defendants it didn’t look like they were stingy with their own portions – they’re both well-nourished to say the least.”

He also praised the Jeremy Kyle Show staff for the upstanding act of alerting the authorities after spotting signs of neglect.

“They Were Seen to Eat Like Animals”

When addressing the parents, the Judge said: “You had the care of two very young and vulnerable children. This was an enormous privilege.

“You were responsible to discharge that care carefully and properly so that these two children were well looked after, properly fed, kept warm and kept clean.

“Over a period of at least two months you failed immeasurably to fulfil that responsibility to these two children. As a consequence your home was visited and was found to be quite frankly, disgusting.

“The two children were not properly clothed, you had let them get too cold, you hadn’t fed them properly and you hadn’t washed them.

“You were both feeding yourselves more than enough but when these two children went to foster care they were seen to eat like animals.”

More Care

There is an upside to this story as the two children are now with adoptive parents and will be treated with much greater care in the future.

The parents were given 12-months prison sentences suspended for two years and were given 18-month supervision orders.

The childrens’ much improved quality of life is partly due to the ethical and astute actions of Jeremy Kyle workers to alert the appropriate authorities of their neglect and the discovery of the unacceptable conduct of their parents.

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