Jeremy Kyles Most Shocking DNA Test Result

Let’s be honest, it’s not often that Jeremy Kyle is left speechless. He may have been mildly flabbergasted, or stuck for exactly the right words when he is a tad miffed at someone… but when has he ever been left speechless? Well, now he certainly has with the revealing of the most shocking DNA test result the Jeremy Kyle show has ever had. Even before any results were disclosed the show was already reasonably startling. The episode opened with one of the guests, Andrew, refusing to accept his pre-op transsexual father, as a woman. Later, his father Jessie, who was born Shane, broke down in tears when Jeremy read out the DNA test results that astonishingly unveiled that he was not Andrew’s biological dad. Jessie stood up, put her head in her hands and started weeping in front of an astounded audience. Jeremy Kyle: “I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Been More Shocked By a Result” AlphaBiolabs conduct all of the DNA testing for the Jeremy Kyle show, providing DNA testing results required in a fast paced duration to provide rapid answers for the ITV production team. Jeremy was not personally told the results prior to the show, only being made aware upon reading them aloud during the recording, where he appeared to be one of the most surprised people in the studio. He said: “I genuinely don’t know what to say … I don’t think I’ve ever been more shocked by a result.” This resulted in a shift in emotions as Jessie’s sadness then turned to anger, with her shouting: “I’m fuming. I’m actually fuming.” Earlier in the show it was Andrew who was the more animated of the two, when Jessie revealed that she told him she wanted to be a woman on his 18th birthday. Andrew explained: “He said, ‘Son, I want to be a woman’. He’s not even said happy birthday.” Andrew’s mum, Jessie’s ex Tracy was rather unenthusiastic towards taking part in the DNA test. Tracy said: “I was never unfaithful, I’m shocked that a DNA test is being considered.” She added: “He doesn’t care about Andrew, he’s a horrible man and a terrible father.” It did not all end in aggravation at least, because although Andrew clearly found it difficult to accept Jessie as a woman, he did not find it difficult to accept her as a father. Andrew was determined that the results of the DNA test did not change their bond. He said: “No matter what, you’ll always be my dad.”

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