The Jewish DNA fingerprint plus ancestry test can analyse your inherited DNA for Jewish and non-Jewish markers. We are then able to establish which countries and ethnic groups your ancestors may have come from. This could include Sephardic, Ashkenazic, Scottish, Russian, French, Moroccan or a combination of these. The presence of Native American, African and Asian ancestry can also be identified via the ethnic panel test.

You collect your sample by simply rubbing the inside of your cheek with swabs provided in the sample collection kit. It’s a simple process with step-by-step instructions and no blood sample is needed. Once received at the laboratory, DNA is extracted from the cheek cells.

Jewish genetic testing

Our geneticists analyse your DNA results and evaluate the relative strength and weakness of your matches to arrive at an overall picture of your primary ancestries. Our database contains three populations explicitly defined as Jewish (Sephardim in Israel, Ashkenazi Jews in Hungary and Chuetas in Spain, and a crypto-Jewish population on Majorca), plus Melungeon and other related populations.

As well as a Certificate of testing, you will receive a comprehensive report with your top genetic matches from a range of European countries and a world ancestry map.

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