Ketamine drug testing in Cardiff is available at AlphaBiolabs’ newest Walk-in Centre, opened in February this year, for one-stop shop DNA, drug and alcohol testing services in Wales.

Worryingly, prior to lockdown, Ketamine use amongst young people was on the rise across England and Wales, particularly in clubbing and rave environments. Clubbers were turning to the drug and combining its effects with those of other substances, resulting in deadly cocktails of drug taking often with fatal consequences.

First and foremost, Ketamine is an anesthetic used for both humans and animals in medical emergency or trauma situations. Like most drugs, Ketamine comes in many forms, from a clear liquid (when used for medical purposes), to dark white or brown powders (when sold on the streets), to tablets. It also has numerous monikers including ‘Vitamin K’, ‘Special K’ or ‘K’. The drug can be consumed in various ways but regardless, it can have serious, damaging effects and can be fatal.

Most common side effects can include the loss of feeling or paralysis of the muscles, loss of a sense of reality, increased heart rate and blood pressure, confusion, delirium, sickness and damage to the short and long-term memory.

Ketamine is a Class B drug, which means it is illegal to have in your own possession, give away or sell to others. Possession of the drug can result in up to 5 years in prison and supplying to someone else can result in up to 14 years in prison.

How can AlphaBiolabs help?

AlphaBiolabs can carry out numerous types of ketamine drug test at our Walk-in Centre in Cardiff, to determine ketamine use. We can carry out oral fluid, urine, hair and nail clipping analysis to determine a positive result and in some instances reveal the history and pattern of usage in an individual.

Testing oral fluid involves analysing a saliva sample to determine whether there has been any usage in the last 48 hours. The sample is taken on the spot and where a non-negative result is returned, it will be sent to our laboratory for confirmatory testing. Where a negative result is found, no further action is required.

Urine drug testing involves analysis of a sample within a self-contained screening pot. The test is quick and accurate, providing instant results via the detection strips visible in the window of the sample pot.

Hair drug testing can provide a more comprehensive look at a person’s ketamine use. It can determine drug use for up to 12 months by segmenting hair samples into monthly, 1cm sections to give a month by month profile of usage.

Nail samples can also provide answers as to whether or not someone has used Ketamine in the last 12 months. Unlike a hair sample the nail sample cannot be broken down to give a month by month analysis, instead, it can only give an overview of up to 12 months, as one period of time.

Enquire about ketamine drug testing in Cardiff

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