Lateral Flow Testing for COVID-19

Lateral Flow Testing for COVID-19

Lateral flow testing for COVID-19 is the quickest way of determining whether you or another person is carrying coronavirus and therefore potentially infectious to friends, family or colleagues.

The self-contained, lateral flow test is also easy to carry out, requiring minimal if any assistance to use. It will return a result in less than twenty minutes so that the right course of action can be taken whether that be continuing as before, or undergoing a period of self-isolation, depending on your results.

AlphaBiolabs’ lateral flow test for COVID-19 is ideal for workplaces, employers and their employees wanting to maintain businesses and jobs, with minimum risk of a viral outbreak within the workforce.

An AlphaBiolabs lateral flow test kit includes everything necessary to collect and test a sample onsite, and to obtain a result in as little as 15 minutes.

The test involves using a sterile swab to collect a nose and throat sample. The sample is then mixed with a buffer solution and placed onto the lateral flow testing device. An absorbent strip contained within the device then soaks up the liquid and reveals a result by showing a coloured line against the positive marker, where a sample is positive. It will also show a coloured line against the ‘control’ marker, to show that the test is functioning.

Lateral flow testing to suit your workplace

The lateral flow test can be ordered from testing specialists AlphaBiolabs, to suit the size and needs of your team.

The test will arrive as a self-contained kit, including everything necessary to perform the sample collection and test, with results in a little as 15 minutes.

The test can be carried out onsite either by employees themselves or with support from your occupational health practitioner.

Our lateral flow tests have a 97.6% sensitivity to COVID-19 antigens and a specificity rating of 99.9%. They are effective for both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals and will return a result every time.

The fast turnaround allows positive employees to isolate quickly and helps to avoid any spread of the virus amongst your employees.

There is no requirement for laboratory testing with the lateral flow test, buying employers and their staff a lot of time when it comes to implementing changes when an employee tests positive.

Order Lateral Flow Testing for COVID-19

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