Manager training for drug and alcohol testing

Manager training for drug and alcohol testing

Would you know what to do if you found an employee under the influence of drugs or alcohol? How do you know that your new employee does not have a substance misuse problem? What should you do if there is a workplace incident related to drugs or alcohol? These are among the questions that are tackled in our drug and alcohol testing Management Awareness Course.

Drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace can be toxic to your business. As well as causing accidents, a loss in productivity, absenteeism and days off ill, substance misuse can result in an intimidating work environment. Most organisations would agree that their employees are their greatest asset. As such, management should demonstrate a duty of care by offering a clearly defined drug and alcohol policy to deal with the issue of substance abuse.

What does manager training cover?

The objectives of our Management Awareness Course are two-fold: to gain a better understanding and awareness of drugs and alcohol in the workplace; and to understand how substance misuse impacts on the workforce.

  • Provides information regarding drug and alcohol statistics
  • Considers the effects of drug and alcohol abuse within the work environment and how a policy can help to prevent this
  • Reviews legislation relevant to drug and alcohol testing
  • Discusses the importance of a workplace drug and alcohol policy.
  • Identifies drugs and their street names
  • Reviews the techniques and methods used in detecting substance misuse
  • Explains the importance of maintaining chain of custody

Our trainers explain the role of a manager within the implementation of a drug and alcohol policy. A question and answer session permit managers to ask questions about policy implementation and the way in which testing is conducted. This not only helps them to better understand the policy but also assists when advising their own staff members.

Why is manager training for drug and alcohol testing needed?

A company can outline its approach to substance misuse with a robust drug and alcohol testing policy backed up by a comprehensive workplace testing programme. With such a framework in operation, systems are in place to help the people in need, whilst contributing to the development of a positive and successful workforce. Should a problem arise, it is important that managers are supportive and show compassion. Where possible, assistance should be offered, such as counselling, treatment and education.

Managers who demonstrate their commitment to a positive, fair work environment – with a zero-tolerance attitude to toxic behaviour – are more likely to influence their employees and inspire good behaviour. All members of staff benefit from a better workplace culture. A hostile work environment can lead to poor productivity and feelings of depression, stress and anxiety, which can lead to absenteeism, days off ill, and even resignation. Prospective employees will also be attracted to a more positive workplace culture.

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