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Mind (Brent, Wandsworth & Westminster) receives latest Giving Back charity donation

We have now made our third Giving Back charity draw of the year and are pleased to share that Mind Brent, Wandsworth & Westminster (BWW) is the latest charity to receive a £500 donation from AlphaBiolabs.

Sophie Sibley, Solicitor at Hanne & Co. in London, was randomly selected to nominate her preferred charity to receive a donation, and chose Mind BWW.

Sophie said: “Hanne & Co has been in Wandsworth for over 126 years, and our local community is incredibly important to us. The work that Mind BWW does profoundly impacts our community, providing essential support and resources to those in need.

“This donation will help Mind BWW expand its reach, offer more services, and make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals struggling with mental health issues”.

Charlotte Fletcher, Director of Business Development & Innovation, at Brent, Wandsworth & Westminster Mind, said: “As one of London’s leading community-based mental health charities, the importance of donations like this cannot be underestimated. We would like to thank Sophie and AlphaBiolabs for their support as we work to improve mental health and wellbeing for communities in the heart of London.”

Rachel Davenport, Director at AlphaBiolabs, said: “Looking out for the wellbeing of others is an integral part of what we do as a business, and we are proud to contribute to a cause that is so closely aligned with our own values.”

Remember, for every testing instruction we receive from family law and social work professionals, we will enter the name of the customer into a bimonthly charity draw.

One randomly-selected customer will then be able to nominate a charity of their choice to receive a £500 donation.

Instruct us for a legal DNA, drug or alcohol test today to be entered into the August draw!

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