Mo Farah’s Missed Drug Tests

It has been revealed that Mo Farah missed 2 drug tests before winning Gold in the 5,000m and 10,000m at the 2012 Olympics. The 2 drug tests that were missed have been met with mixed reactions amongst the media and various sports personalities. These include reports that it was suspicious to have missed 2 scheduled appointments, or that it is basically a ‘witch-hunt’ approach to try and expose athletes and even that the subject is ‘non-news’ in term of its current relevance. This has all come into the spotlight after a BBC documentary suggested his coach Alberto Salazar used doping-techniques for Mo’s training partner Galen Rupp. Sprinter Craig Pickering voiced his irritation at the media’s follow-up coverage when he wrote: ‘Five years ago, an athlete missed a drugs test. Only now is this non-news, news. Plenty of athletes miss tests.’ While he is correct that news should strive to be current, it does not consider the fact that it has only just come to light because it was previously concealed.

Mo Farah 2012 Olympics – Missed Drug Tests

Farah has admitted to the allegations that he had missed the two tests, but struck back at those claiming it was for doping. He insists that he has never taken any performance-enhancing drugs and never will. Former world champion Steve Cram suggested this was in response to a ‘witch-hunt’ against Farah adding: “It seems as if some people are deliberately going after him and that is a shame.” The BBC documentary into Salazar did not accuse Farah of any wrong-doing. However, the missed drug tests revelations have led to further speculation. Cram sympathised with Farah saying: “We have gone off on a couple of different tangents from the original set of allegations. The allegations were against his coach. Now Mo has also had to come out and give an explanation about the two missed tests. We need clarification on that. “Some sections of the media seem keen to make out hat a missed test means avoiding a means avoiding a test, which it does not.” He added: “There is an individual here being targeted around his credibility as an athlete. In some quarters people are not saying he is a cheat. I can understand why Mo is annoyed and frustrated.”

Mo Farah’s Drug Test Statement on Facebook

Farah used Facebook to provide a statement on the issue. It said: ‘I have never taken performance-enhancing drugs in my life and I never will. ‘Over the course of my career I have taken hundreds of drugs tests and every single one has been negative. I’ve fully explained the only two tests in my career that I have ever missed, which the authorities understood, and there was never any suggestion that these were anything more than simple mistakes. ‘The last two weeks have been the toughest of my life – with rumours and speculation about me that are completely false – and the impact this has had on my family and friends has left me angry, frustrated and upset.’ Mo added: ‘As I made clear, I went to Portland to speak to Alberto Salazar and demand answers. He reassured me that the claims are false and that he will soon be providing evidence to make that clear. Until then I will not be commenting further on the allegations.’

Mo Farah Training

Farah has not let the allegations stop him from training, although he currently doing so without coach Salazar for the time being. He is training at the National Altitude Training Centre at 1,850m above sea level in the mountains of France, which he has treated as a European base for a number of years. Farah is working with the British Athletics head of endurance, Barry Fudge, who is reportedly carrying out Salazar’s training plans as he prepares for a return to racing in July.

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