More than 800 children in Doncaster affected by parent or carer alcohol abuse

More than 800 children in Doncaster affected by parent or carer alcohol abuse

New estimates from the Community Safety Strategy in Doncaster say that more than 800 children in the borough could be ‘negatively affected’ by alcohol misuse.

The report, which forms part of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council’s (DMBC) plan to tackle drug and alcohol abuse, reveals that the town has ‘higher than average’ rates of hospital admissions directly related to alcohol, placing significant pressure on the NHS.

Costs to the health economy from alcohol misuse in Doncaster alone are thought to be around £17.2 million every year.

Improving children’s wellbeing

Around 20 per cent of adults with alcohol dependence are sharing their household with children, according to the latest estimates from Public Health England.

When applied to Doncaster, more than 850 children could be directly affected, the report said.

Public health bosses added that hospital admissions linked to alcohol abuse have increased since the start of the Covid-19 lockdowns.

An action plan from the council includes a strategy to support the annual Recovery Games – a national initiative run by The Alcohol & Drug Service (ADS) – and a plan for the provision of ‘comprehensive, accessible, high quality’ drug and alcohol treatment services.

“Reductions in people’s misuse of substances would significantly impact not only on crime and anti-social behaviour but would also lead to healthier relationships, more productive futures, improved individual wellbeing and better outcomes for children, families and communities,” said Rachael Long, crime and community safety theme manager at DMBC.

“There is some local evidence that levels of alcohol consumption and referrals for alcohol treatment have increased during lockdown periods, and in response to this, an alcohol early interventions team has been put in place to support higher risk drinkers.”

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