National Adoption Week 2021

National Adoption Week 2021

Did you know that across the UK, almost 3,000 children are in need of an adoptive family?

Almost half of all children in need of adoption are brothers and sisters in family groups. Yet sadly, the number of adoptions in England has fallen by a third in the last four years.

A new national recruitment campaign has been launched in response.

National Adoption Week’s #YouCanAdopt aims to dispel some of the myths surrounding who is eligible to adopt, as well as demystifying the adoption process. The campaign also hopes to highlight the number of children out there who are waiting too long for their ‘forever family’.

This year, National Adoption Week falls on 18 – 23 October.

The nationwide campaign is being run by a group of regional adoption agencies, voluntary adoption agencies and other key stakeholders working in adoption in England. It is also supported by the Department for Education.

The campaign wants to raise awareness that the key attribute for adopting a child is the ability to provide a stable, safe, and loving home. Factors such as occupation, salary, home size and age are far less important.

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