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One in four (24%) 18-34-year-olds in the UK have admitted coming to work still feeling the effects of a boozy night out. The survey carried out by risk management company Willis Towers Watson (WTW) also shows that 50% of these young people admit to having driven to work while still under the influence, with people aged 35 or over less likely to do this (44%).

The survey of 2000 UK workers showed that people over 35 were half as likely (12%) to go into work if they were still feeling drunk. 13% of workers in this age group admitted to taking a sick day due to a hangover, while 25% of young people had admitted to doing this.

“These alarming findings suggest that far too many of Britain’s youth are putting their safety and wellbeing, and potentially the safety of others, at risk”, said Matt Blake, Wellbeing Lead at WTW.

Drinking culture

Nearly one in five (19%) of those surveyed said that their employer’s culture played a part in unhealthy levels of drinking by encouraging a ‘work hard, play hard’ atmosphere.

“With Christmas just around the corner and party season starting, the likelihood of workers coming into work still feeling drunk increases. Companies should be looking at what they can do to support workers and educate them on the dangers of excessive drinking on work nights”, added Blake.

Only 11% of employees said that their employer provided health advice about alcohol consumption. Advice and guidance on attitudes towards alcohol and sensible drinking, ranging from workshops to intranet resources, can go a long way to foster a responsible workforce culture. Advice on how to encourage positive workplace behaviour and eradicate alcohol from your organisation can be read in our Learning Centre article. If you have concerns about alcohol misuse in your workplace, AlphaBiolabs can provide a number of devices for breath alcohol testing and can arrange a programme of testing dependenton your business needs. For information on any of our alcohol testing solutions including continuous alcohol monitoring, please call 0333 600 1300 or email us at