Over 100 people register for AlphaBiolabs’ first workplace webinar

Over 100 people register for AlphaBiolabs’ first workplace webinar: Why every business should have a drug and alcohol policy

AlphaBiolabs is celebrating the success of its first webinar for the workplace sector, after over 100 people registered for the session titled, ‘Why every business should have a drug and alcohol policy’.  

The webinar, which took place on 17th May, was hosted by Barbara Wainwright, AlphaBiolabs’ Workplace Company Trainer, and Verity Hodder, Workplace Sector Marketing Manager, and took a deep dive into:

  • The impact of drug & alcohol misuse in the workplace
  • Why every business needs a substance misuse policy – and the risks of not having one
  • What a policy should contain, how to implement it, and how it can impact employees
  • The importance of drug and alcohol awareness training for employees at all levels 

The audience, made up of senior managers from a diverse range of sectors including construction, manufacturing, engineering, and the public sector, were also invited to put forward their questions regarding drug and alcohol policy and training, as well as having the chance to take part in live polls.

Due to popular demand, AlphaBiolabs will be hosting this session once again at 8.30am on 22nd June 2022.

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Workplace drug and alcohol use – your questions answered

As a UKAS-accredited provider of drug and alcohol testing solutions for the workplace, including policy review/creation and training, we are often faced with questions from employers looking to introduce a substance misuse policy, or update their existing policy to reflect the changing needs of their business.

A few of the questions addressed during the 17th May session included:

  • How should organisations adapt their policy and testing methods for hybrid working?
  • Are there any tests that identify prescription drugs?
  • Would it be seen as discriminatory if management were not included in drug and alcohol testing?

You can find the answers to these questions by visiting our webinar page.

As well as inviting questions, we also took the opportunity to interact with attendees using live polls, with some interesting results:

  • Out of those who answered the question, Does your company have a drug and alcohol policy?, 24 per cent admitted that they do not have a policy in place.
  • A further 5 per cent stated that they do not know whether they have a policy or not, and a surprising 59 per cent said that they do not provide drug and alcohol awareness training for employees.  

AlphaBiolabs is offering a 20% discount on drug and alcohol policy creation/review and management & employee awareness training until 29th July 2022.

Contact our workplace team today on 0333 600 1300 (select option 2) or email workplace@alphabiolabs.com and mention AWPT20 when requesting your quote. 

Where can I get help with my drug and alcohol policy?

AlphaBiolabs works with businesses large and small across every sector, providing tailored drug and alcohol testing solutions including Random, For Cause, Post-rehab & Return to Work and Pre-employment testing.

Our UK-wide network of specially trained clinicians can collect a range of samples including urine, breath, oral fluid (saliva), hair and nails, all under chain of custody conditions. So you can be sure that your drug and alcohol test results are legally sound.

You can also register to attend a repeat of our webinar, Why every business should have a drug and alcohol policy, on 22nd June at 8:30am.

For support with your drug and alcohol testing, policy review/creation and awareness training for staff at all levels, contact our workplace team today on 0333 600 1300 (select option 2) or email workplace@alphabiolabs.com.

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