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There’s no need to wait until your child is born for DNA testing.

If you have concerns over your unborn baby’s paternity, you can find out the answers you need during your pregnancy. Our non-invasive prenatal tests are completely safe and there is no risk of miscarriage or harm to your baby.

At AlphaBiolabs, we understand the stress which doubts can cause so end the uncertainty by booking your prenatal paternity test today.

For just £875, you will receive your confidential results in 7 working days. You can also choose an express option where you will be sent your results in 4 working days for an additional £200.

You can either pay for your test up front or spread the cost over 6 months with our interest-free credit payment plan.

Safe, accurate and confidential

When you choose AlphaBiolabs, you can be confident that your sample is in safe hands. We have won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for our DNA testing services and are trusted suppliers to TV production companies including ITV and the BBC.

Our prenatal paternity test is the most accurate non-invasive test of its kind in the UK. It works by analysing a blood sample from the mother for the baby’s DNA which is present in her bloodstream.

As it only involves taking a blood sample, there is no risk at all to the baby, unlike alternatives which involve extracting samples of embryonic fluid from the womb. Our test uses the very latest DNA SNP microarray technology to produce clear and accurate results.

Once your test is booked, you can either attend one of our Walk in Centres based around the country or one of our sample collectors will arrange an appointment at a convenient location to suit you.

You will then receive your confidential results in a secure password-protected email.

More information about getting a paternity test while pregnant

Find out more in our learning centre article or order your prenatal DNA test online now. You can also talk to our team by calling 0333 600 1300 or by emailing