PCR testing for TV production and filming companies

PCR testing for TV production and filming companies

If you’re a TV production or filming company, AlphaBiolabs can provide PCR testing to help protect your staff from the threat of coronavirus.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen major changes in how movies and TV shows are filmed and produced, to minimise the risk of the virus spreading throughout the cast and crew.

A testing programme can work alongside social distancing measures and additional cleaning to protect your workforce and help avoid unscheduled breaks in filming.

Many people who are infected with Covid-19 do not experience any symptoms at all. This is why simply asking members of your cast and crew to stay at home if they feel unwell is not enough to avoid an outbreak of the virus.

Regular temperature checks can help identify those with a fever, but will not be enough to spot everyone with an active coronavirus infection.

AlphaBiolabs can develop a bespoke Covid-19 testing programme designed to meet your needs and the demands of your production. We can carry out PCR tests at regular intervals to suit you, either for your whole team or for specific members who are coming into close contact with others.

PCR testing uses an advanced scientific technique known as real time polymerase chain reaction to search test samples for genetic material (RNA) from the Covid-19 virus.

How does the test PCR work?

Your employees can take the test either by themselves or overseen by a supervisor.

Using a swab, they will collect a sample of cells from their nose and throat, which will then be sent back to our award-winning UK-based laboratory for analysis.

We can provide same-day results via email.

Our PCR tests are NHS-standard and UKAS ISO 17025 accredited. They can be ordered online and delivered to a location of your choice, or we can devise and deliver a customised testing programme for you.

If any of your cast, crew or production team need to travel abroad as part of the project, we can also provide fit to fly certificates with all negative results.

AlphaBiolabs is also able to offer rapid lateral flow testing for fast results without the need for laboratory testing.

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To find out more about our Covid-19 testing programme and all Covid-19 testing options, please call our knowledgeable Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 or email workplace@alphabiolabs.com

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