Two Port Authority workers have resigned after having failed to participate in a random drug test in Guam.

The random drug test was authorised on a division at the Port Authority on the US island territory in Micronesia in the Western Pacific. All 24 employees who submitted a sample were negative, according to General Manager Rory Respicio. However, two employees left the Port premises to evade the drug test. They then submitted their resignation letters and are no longer employed by the Port.

Of concern is that the two employees’ supervisors had suspicions about their behaviour prior to the drug test. Even more worrying is that they appeared to have been tipped off. Mr Respicio has since issued a Notice of Proposed Adverse Action to a supervisor, two leaders, and a superintendent for what he called “willfully endangering Port employees’ lives and for dereliction of their duties and responsibilities in providing a safe, drug-free workplace”.

Random drug testing should be undertaken with short or no notice. As such, random testing greatly reduces the chances of substance-abusing employees using tactics to avoid a test, or change their habits in time to escape a positive result during the testing detection time.

On the morning of the drug test in Guam, a Port employee posted in his division’s WhatsApp chat a warning to employees not to bring any illegal items into the seaport due to the random drug test being conducted by Port Police. Mr Respicio has berated this employee for obstructing the drug-free workplace policy.

“Just last month I issued a memo to all employees regarding our drug-free workplace programme and encouraged employees who are using drugs and alcohol during working hours to seek assistance through our Employee Assistance Programme”, wrote Mr Respicio.

He also warned all managers that if they had reasonable suspicion that any employee under their supervision was using drugs illegally, they must document such behaviour and request they be drug tested.

“We must end the acceptance or practice of looking the other way when Port employees are knowingly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Choosing to do nothing remains a tragedy just waiting to happen.”

Benefits of random drug testing

The influence of drugs and alcohol pose huge safety risks for any business and the only way to determine conclusively whether they are being misused by an employee is by random drug and alcohol testing. It also ensures that employees are working in a safe environment. Routine testing has been shown to reduce accidents, absenteeism and litigation, which can all impact on business productivity. It can also save a business money in lost revenue and help safeguard health and safety measures.

Random testing can focus equally on all personnel within a company, including site and office-based employees as well as operatives. It is crucial that the testing is performed legally and accurately by a professional testing company that is fully certified and accredited. AlphaBiolabs can send specialised sample collectors to visit a business premises, carry out testing, as well as provide confirmation testing back at the laboratory if needed. Full chain of custody conditions are followed to ensure legally defensible results.

Training can also be provided for a nominated employee to take sample collections as and when needed on site.

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