Things could have been very different at AlphaBiolabs in a few weeks’ time, had we not tested our staff for Covid-19 on their return to work after the Christmas and New Year break.

After undergoing one of our own tests, two team members tested positive for the virus on their first day back in the office.

Worryingly, although we know it can often be the case, both staff members were entirely asymptomatic – feeling well and, they thought, fit for work.

Turns out, had we not implemented a workplace Covid testing regime – the recommendation we make to all our workplace customers – it’s highly likely that many more of our staff would be testing positive by now and we’d be in the midst of an employee outbreak.

In accordance with government guidance, both colleagues are now self-isolating, and we have bolstered our workplace testing regime to include daily tests for all employees who still need to come into work.

Commercial Director, Rachel Davenport, believes the employee Covid-19 testing regime is absolutely integral to maintaining a healthy workforce and a healthy business.  

“Our laboratory scientists who maintain our rapid Covid-19 PCR testing service, as well as the team who carefully assemble and package every single testing kit, would no doubt have been compromised had we not implemented a robust employee testing programme from the outset.

“And given the speed at which the new variant is spreading, it is more important than ever that we protect both our workforce and our business so we can continue to operate and serve our customers.

“We’re seeing many of our workplace customers adopting similarly robust testing regimes, to make sure they can remain operational and protect those employees who cannot perform their duties by working from home.”

If you are an employer and looking to implement a Covid-19 testing plan for your business, call AlphaBiolabs today to discuss our range of workplace Covid-19 testing options, including PCR testing, rapid lateral flow antigen testing and rapid antibody testing.

Our Customer Services team can be reached on 0333 600 1300 or by email at   

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