Private lateral flow antigen test

Private lateral flow antigen test

Private lateral flow antigen tests are a game changer in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Not only can they identify positive cases to keep the virus out of circulation, they can effectively detect the new variant of Covid-19 (VUI 202012/01), which is causing so much concern.

As we enter our third lockdown whilst awaiting mass vaccination, the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel remains Covid-19 testing. It was back in March last year when the WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on Covid-19 were “Test, test, test. Test every suspected case”. And now, following a successful testing pilot in Liverpool, rapid lateral flow antigen tests were shown to effectively pick up 1,300 infections in people without symptoms in a population of about half a million: people who would not otherwise have been tested at all.

We know that this latest lockdown is to avoid spreading the virus. We are being told to stay home and avoid going out wherever possible. But what about those individuals who physically need to go to a place of work and/or deal with the public? None of us can assume that we don’t have the virus. We know only too well that the stakes are too high. The answer is private lateral flow antigen tests that offer an affordable, fast and accurate way to determine the infection status. Private lateral flow antigen tests can be ordered online, delivered the next day, ready to use with rapid results.

The beauty of the lateral flow antigen test is that it can be performed by the individual themself by taking samples from the nose and throat using a swab. The swabs are then dipped in a special solution, which is then dropped onto a plastic portable cassette similar to a pregnancy test.

The result is shown within 15 minutes on the lateral flow, immunoassay screening cassette. The test can detect the presence of Covid-19 after the onset of symptoms or from 14 days after initial exposure to the virus. This means that anyone testing positive can be quickly isolated to avoid further spread: particularly essential for the new variant of Covid-19, which is spreading rapidly through asymptomatic carriers.

How to order a private lateral flow antigen test

As well as the private lateral flow antigen test, AlphaBiolabs offers a range of Covid-19 tests to suit your requirements, including the back-to-lab Rt PCR Laboratory test, which is required prior to international travel. For further information on any of these Covid-19 tests, please contact our experienced Workplace Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300, or email

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