Private lateral flow testing for coronavirus

Private lateral flow testing for coronavirus

Private lateral flow testing for coronavirus is available from testing experts, AlphaBiolabs – the company specialising in instant and laboratory-based COVID-19 testing for workplaces and members of the public.

Lateral flow testing for coronavirus is performed via an instant results screening device, which works similarly to a pregnancy test. The device contains an absorbent paper strip which soaks up a human fluid sample – for the purposes of COVID-19 testing this is a nose and throat sample – and reveals a result by displaying a coloured line against the relevant markers on the device.  

Where a sample tests positive, a black line will appear against the positive marker on the device. A black line will also appear against the control marker to demonstrate that the test is working properly.

In as little as 15 minutes the lateral flow test will show a result. Its ability to do so quickly makes it ideal for workplaces, allowing staff to be tested swiftly without having to wait for laboratory results.

The quick turnaround means action can be taken, whether that be self-isolation for individuals testing positive, or business as usual for those who are negative, and removes the risk of a wider infection spread via asymptomatic or undetected individuals.

The lateral flow test can detect a positive case of COVID-19 in people not displaying typical symptoms. So those not suffering with a temperature, a new and continuous cough or losses to their sense of taste and smell – making it invaluable to workplaces employing large numbers of staff which cannot work from home.

Equally, small businesses employing lower numbers of staff can benefit from the speedy, easy-to-use test.

Keeping workplaces working with lateral flow testing

Since 2004, AlphaBiolabs has been delivering rapid results to people undertaking DNA, drug and alcohol tests and now COVID-19 tests.

We have supplied thousands of lateral flow tests to workplaces across the UK, keen to keep an outbreak of COVID-19 at bay and to keep their businesses running with a healthy and capable workforce.

Our lateral flow testing for workplaces is backed up by our PCR, laboratory-based coronavirus test, which uses the same sample collection method as the lateral flow test, but the sample undergoes laboratory analysis at our specialist COVID-19 laboratory facility.

Results for our PCR testing are available as early as the same working day, or the next day depending on your requirements.

How to order private lateral flow testing for coronavirus

Let AlphaBiolabs reduce the risk of a workplace COVID-19 spread within your business. Order lateral flow testing online or call our Customer Services team today, on: 0333 600 1300 or email:

You can also find out more information about our workplace COVID-19 testing options, on our website.

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