If you want to learn more about private school Covid testing, AlphaBiolabs can give you expert advice and guidance. We can also help you to implement a bespoke Covid testing programme tailored to your private school’s exact requirements.

Why should a private school invest in Covid testing?

Implementing a Covid testing programme in your private school can help to reduce health risks and improve safety for both your staff and your students.

Regular Covid testing in your private school can help to identify and isolate any asymptomatic carriers. Crucially, it will also enhance confidence in your staff, students, and their families.

What options are available for private school Covid testing?

We provide a variety of different Covid tests that can be used in your private school.

Rapid Antigen testing

This is one of the world’s first rapid screening tests for identifying Covid-19 from 14 days after initial exposure, and/or after the onset of symptoms. Rapid Antigen testing is convenient because it does not require laboratory analysis. Results are available within 15-30 minutes via the portable immunoassay device.

PCR testing

A PCR swab test can be taken by your staff and students themselves, or overseen by a school nurse or health professional. Samples are sent to our accredited laboratory in Warrington, where they will be tested using the latest automated RT-PCR extraction and amplification methods. Results are analysed by our trained scientists, and reported back on the same day if required.

PCR testing for international travel

If your private school has international students or boarding students, we can provide a Covid testing service for international travel. This includes the appropriate pre-departure and UK arrival tests, along with Fit to Fly certificates if required.

Private school Covid testing with AlphaBiolabs

We are a trusted, UKAS accredited laboratory with over 15 years’ experience in testing. We also provide the fastest lab confirmations available, including same-day results if required.

If you’d like to speak to us about our private school Covid testing options, get in touch with our knowledgeable Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 or email

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