Employers are looking to take steps to protect their workplace from being the source of a coronavirus outbreak, which could endanger the health of staff and customers, amongst many others.

Rapid coronavirus tests for work are an effective way of identifying employees who are infected by Covid-19, but may not be experiencing any noticeable symptoms. By setting up a regular testing programme, organisations can reduce the risk of the virus spreading through their workforce by ensuring those who receive positive results self-isolate at the earliest opportunity.

AlphaBiolabs offers rapid coronavirus tests for work at competitive prices. Our team can put together a package of testing services to suit your business and its specific needs.

This can include fast-result lateral flow tests, PCR tests that are analysed back at our accredited laboratory, and a professional team to help with sample collection if required. Simply tell us your Covid-19 testing requirements and we will develop a bespoke solution for you.

Fast, accurate and convenient

Our rapid lateral flow antigen tests can be used on your own premises and give accurate results in less than half an hour. The individual testing kits are simple to use – your employees can use the swabs provided to collect their own samples from their nose and throat, or you can choose for the process to be overseen by a health professional.

Our rapid lateral flow tests can detect individuals who have a high level of the virus present in their body. The almost-instant results make them ideal for testing people before they start work each day.

However, you may also wish to use the ‘gold standard’ PCR test, which uses cutting edge technology to analyse samples for genetic material from Covid-19, to confirm results or check the status of staff who develop coronavirus symptoms. PCR tests are required if any of your staff need to travel abroad on business and therefore require a fit to fly certificate.

Enquire about rapid coronavirus tests for work

AlphaBiolabs is able to offer same-day results with our PCR testing service for businesses. To find out more about any of our Covid-19 tests, or to discuss how we can help you implement a comprehensive coronavirus testing programme, please email or call our friendly Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300.

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AlphaBiolabs offers a range of COVID-19 testing options for private individuals and businesses