Rapid turnaround tests for COVID-19 are available for employers looking to screen their workforces for coronavirus. COVID-19 testing for the public is also available with results possible the same working day, from laboratory-based testing specialists, AlphaBiolabs.

Whether you’re an employer wanting to test your staff for COVID-19 or you’re a member of the public looking to get tested at your own convenience, testing via AlphaBiolabs will give you all the accuracy and reliability of a medical-grade NHS test and, in most cases, with more speed.

Rapid turnaround Antigen testing involves the use of a lateral flow, immunoassay device which will absorb a nose and throat swab sample when mixed with a buffer liquid to reveal a positive or negative result.

This quick and simple test can be carried out on-site without the assistance of a medical professional and will allow employers to determine which employees are currently infected with COVID-19, and who should therefore be separated from the rest of the team to avoid a spread.

The rapid turnaround test can be rolled out by employers as part of a COVID-19 screening programme to protect employees and the business from the impacts of infection, such as mass absences, loss of productivity and losses to the profit margin.

Similarly, for individuals who want to take matters into their own hands and carry out a test at their own convenience for travel purposes for example or where employers want to back up Antigen results with a PCR test, a PCR swab test from AlphaBiolabs can return a result as early as the same working day (for an additional fee and where your samples reach our laboratory before 10am the same morning).  

Like lateral flow Antigen testing, PCR testing requires a nose and throat sample, but the analysis is carried out at our dedicated COVID-19 testing laboratory, located in one of the UK’s most prolific science and innovation centres.

How to order a rapid turnaround test for COVID-19

Rapid turnaround testing for COVID-19 is available to order via the website. Alternatively call AlphaBiolabs today, to discuss your COVID-19 testing requirements, on: 0333 600 1300 or email us, at:

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