Recent donation from AlphaBiolabs helps maintain helpline service for children affected by a parent’s drinking

Recent donation from AlphaBiolabs helps maintain helpline service for children affected by a parent’s drinking

Nacoa, one of the charities supported by AlphaBiolabs’ Giving Back campaign, have seen demand for their helpline, website and social media outlets increase significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic, with children six times more likely to experience abuse, violence and neglect in the home as a result of the ongoing restrictions since March 2020. This has led to a 40% increase in calls, with reports and data showing that 1 in 3 adults drank more during the periods of lockdown.

It is therefore essential that Nacoa continues to focus their efforts on keeping their core service – the helpline – going, as situations in households have become increasingly dangerous and more stressful.

A recent donation of over £2,000 by AlphaBiolabs is therefore being used in the following ways to help maintain the service:

  • £10 pays for 5 information packs for professionals working with children of alcohol-dependent parents
  • £400 pays to train a new volunteer helpline counsellor
  • £800 keeps the helpline running for 6 weeks

Hilary Henriques MBE, Nacoa founder and CEO commented: “We are proud charity partners of AlphaBiolabs’ Giving Back campaign. They are championing the needs of the most vulnerable children across the UK when it has never been more important to do so. Donations to Nacoa show AlphaBiolabs taking the lead, expressing care and compassion, both in business and beyond.”

Here are just two examples of how Nacoa’s helpline has helped children (young and old) affected by a parent’s drinking:

“To the Nacoa Helpline Angel who helped me to turn my life around, this is my thank you. I called Nacoa helpline on some of my darkest days and you gave me the light that I needed to see it through and make sense of what was happening to me when my world was crumbling. You held a safe space for me, without judgment, and seemed to understand what I was going through. I have come to learn that home is acceptance and in Nacoa I truly found a home from the moment we first spoke on the phone. I no longer feel alone.”

“Nacoa has given me a life again, a very enjoyable one at that, so the very least I can do is to always show my appreciation for giving the little girl in me, who got lost for many years, the courage to carry on where I left off at 10 years old. I will always hold Nacoa close to my heart.”

AlphaBiolabs donates £5 to four charities, including Nacoa, for every legal instruction received from family law firms and local authorities.  The Giving Back campaign has already raised £19,000 in its first six months.

Whether a social worker, a solicitor or a private individual, AlphaBiolabs can help with expert advice on legal DNA, drug and alcohol testing.

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