Record numbers register for AlphaBiolabs’ webinar series

Record numbers register for AlphaBiolabs’ webinar series on blood alcohol testing

AlphaBiolabs is celebrating the success of its latest legal webinar series, after nearly 500 people from across the sector signed up to learn more about the latest developments in blood alcohol testing.

The webinars, titled ‘Blood alcohol testing – which method is best for my clients?’, were held on 25th and 26th January, and presented by AlphaBiolabs’ Marketing Manager for the Legal sector, Andrew Priestley, together with Sample Collections Manager Ashley Hodgkinson.

The audience included social workers, family law solicitors, barristers, and judges, all of whom tuned in to hear about the latest developments in blood alcohol testing, and how Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) testing is leading the way as the most conclusive blood alcohol test.

PEth blood alcohol testing – the burning questions

Of the four blood alcohol tests offered by AlphaBiolabs – PEth, Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT), Liver Function Test (LFT) and Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) – PEth is by far the most conclusive.

This is because, as a direct biomarker of alcohol, PEth can only be found in the body when alcohol has been consumed.

During both sessions, attendees were invited to ask questions and take part in polls to gain a greater understanding of the benefits of PEth testing, and how it can be used alongside other tests such as hair alcohol tests.   

Questions answered during the webinars included:

  • Can PEth be used instead of CDT and LFT?
  • Can PEth help differentiate between abstinence and low consumption?
  • Can PEth be elevated by an episode of ‘binge’ drinking?

Of those who attended, 99 per cent said that they would consider ordering a PEth blood alcohol test in future (alongside other blood tests).

Around 80 per cent of respondents also said they felt their knowledge of blood alcohol testing had improved as a result of attending the webinars.

Getting the full picture

Blood alcohol testing combined with hair alcohol testing provides the fullest picture of a person’s alcohol use. Something which is especially important in family cases, where safeguarding vulnerable people is a high priority.

To learn more, you can watch the webinarBlood alcohol testing – which method is best for my clients?’ now.

AlphaBiolabs works with family law professionals and social workers across the UK, providing a range of legal testing services including legal blood alcohol testing.

Legal clients can claim 20 per cent off all legal alcohol tests until 28th February 2022 by quoting ALC20 when placing an order.

We’re also donating £5 for every legal instruction received throughout 2022. With our Giving Back campaign, we’re supporting four incredible charities that help vulnerable children and families across the UK.

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