Like every year, Christmas and New Year celebrations have to come to an end at some point, and when they do in 2021, many businesses across the UK will be facing the same dilemma – how to welcome employees back to the workplace safely and without Covid-19.

Staff who may have taken the opportunity to mix with families and friends over the festive period, during the government’s 5 days of relaxed restrictions, and those who might have travelled abroad could, in theory, have exposed themselves to Covid-19 and be about to bring it back to the workplace.

So, how can employers protect their business and other staff from such a risk, and avoid a New Year Covid-19 outbreak? Effective Covid testing for staff returning to work after Christmas could be the answer.  

There are two types of test available to employers – PCR laboratory-based testing and lateral flow rapid testing.

Both tests involve the self-collection of a nose and throat swab sample, however the testing method for each is different.

For lateral flow antigen testing the sample is tested on a small device that comes with the individually packaged sample collection kit. The device, commonly known as a lateral flow device or instant antigen device, contains an absorbent strip that soaks up the sample, along with a quantity of buffer solution to display a result within 15 minutes. 

For PCR laboratory-based tests, as the name suggests, the samples are tested at a laboratory by highly trained, specialist scientists. As a consequence, results take a little bit longer and the tests are more expensive However, this test is classed as the ‘gold standard’ in Covid-19 testing.

Employers using either Covid test for staff as they return to work after Christmas can at least be reassured they are doing everything they can to mitigate the risk of a Covid outbreak in the workplace, as they launch into 2021.    

Employers looking to screen their workforces can call 0333 600 1300 or email to talk to our Customer Services team about the best testing option to suit their style of business.

AlphaBiolabs also provides Covid-19 testing to members of the public (including PCR Fit to Fly testing) as well as testing options for the legal profession.

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