Since its inception in 2004, AlphaBiolabs has strived to meet the needs of its customers in every area of laboratory-based and onsite DNA, drug and alcohol testing.  

For more than fifteen years, our DNA services and products have enabled thousands of people to determine biological relationships that were either doubted or unknown. Our drug and alcohol testing has served the UK family courts system, facilitating the reconciliation of families and the safeguarding of children experiencing adverse home environments, as well as helping to support safety measures in workplaces across the UK and Ireland.

We are proud of our testing expertise and laboratory capabilities which, fortuitously, have enabled us to expand our core offering and join the fight against COVID-19.

At the onset of the pandemic in March, we began to work on the rapid development of a suite of COVID-19 tests, that would not only serve our existing customers in each of their working and daily environments, but also protect our own staff.

Our COVID-19 testing products backed up by a range of innovative measures to protect our workforce – from our scientists to our customer-facing sample collectors – have enabled our business to remain open since the outbreak began.

To ensure the resilience of our business and, in turn, our ability to continue to serve every customer, we implemented various measures to see us through one of the most difficult times we have faced as a business.

In our laboratory, the engine room of our business, we installed additional ventilation and air conditioning systems to ensure a clear flow of air for the protection of our hardworking scientists. At the same time, to minimise any risk of contamination from the COVID-19 samples being testing, we installed class II biological safety cabinets which allow our scientists to work behind a protective screen, whilst simultaneously handling the samples inside the contained testing space of each the cabinet.

As demand for our COVID-19 testing grew, we reconfigured our working spaces, expanding our laboratory space into office space previously used by our administrative staff. This allowed our scientists to be adequately distanced from each other when carrying out their work.

We have made large investments in extra laboratory equipment and instruments to back up each of our testing processes should engineers become hard to source during periods of lockdown. This additional equipment has allowed us to increase our sample intake by 100 per cent, and extra scientists have been recruited to meet this demand and their training has been undertaken by our expert laboratory staff.

To continue to process the many samples our laboratory receives every day, we have stockpiled enough consumables and reagents for six months, in case of a breakdown in the supply chain.

We have also introduced a weekend working rota for our laboratory team, which allows us to meet this additional demand.

Our office-based staff continue to work from home, as they have done since the start of the pandemic and our sample collectors are PCR tested on a weekly basis to ensure the upmost protection for them and our clients, when visiting peoples’ homes. They are also equipped with enough PPE to protect themselves and those we are collecting samples from during each home visit.

With all these measures in place, AlphaBiolabs has successfully managed to remain open and in business throughout the pandemic and, most important to us, we have been able to continue to serve our customers with the first-class service we are proud of.

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