Scottish drug testing centre opens

Scottish drug testing centre opens

AlphaBiolabs has opened its first one-stop shop for drug and alcohol testing services in Scotland*.

“Increased demand from customers north of the border led us to open this Walk in Centre”, said AlphaBiolabs Managing Director David Thomas. “We are proud to offer the widest range of alcohol and drug testing services in the UK.”

Staff at the Glasgow Walk in Centre will be able to offer advice on the best methods to record alcohol or drug abuse. From home drug test kits to innovative alcohol-testing bracelets, breath, hair, blood, nail, urine and oral fluids can all be analysed with results as quickly as next day.

The company is particularly proud of its SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring®, which is the most accurate and comprehensive method of measuring alcohol consumption on the market. The SCRAM bracelet is worn on the ankle and tests for the presence of consumed alcohol in perspiration every 30 minutes.

This form of testing is the first of its kind to detect the entire drinking event, from start to finish, as it happens. Known as sobriety tagging, continuous alcohol monitoring can demonstrate the frequency and pattern of alcohol consumption. As such, it can provide local authorities, courts and child-protection agencies with the additional tools to change behaviours in vulnerable and higher-risk alcohol-dependent clients. Staff at the Glasgow Walk in Centre can fit the SCRAM CAM® bracelets, monitor the results and provide reports after an agreed time period.

For information on drug and alcohol testing in Glasgow or our bespoke Workplace testing services, please contact AlphaBiolabs on 0333 600 1300 or email

*The walk in Centre is located at Glasgow Medical Rooms, 211 St Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5QY