When dealing with alcohol misuse, we often recommend hair testing and/or blood testing to assess alcohol consumption. These methods provide an overview of alcohol use ranging from the last few weeks to the last 12 months. However, this means that somebody who has only just stopped drinking may still test positive due to alcohol consumption in the recent past.

How is SCRAM different to other methods of alcohol testing?

SCRAM continuous alcohol monitoring allows us to look at alcohol intake in real time.

The device uses a transdermal method of detection (through the skin), which allows for alcohol monitoring every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, for as long as the participant wears the monitoring ankle bracelet. This provides a detailed insight into a participant’s current drinking patterns and behaviours.

We regularly receive positive feedback from both social workers and family law firms who use SCRAM with their clients.

Here is just one recent success story:

Sarah* is 40 years old and has struggled with alcohol use throughout her adult life. She has recently had a baby, and was determined to prove her sobriety.

She wore her SCRAM ankle bracelet for 90 days. During that period, not a single drinking episode was detected. Sarah successfully abstained completely from alcohol for the entire time she was wearing the bracelet.

Sarah told us that initially the bracelet took some getting used to, but she quickly adapted to wearing it.

She felt strongly that the visual element of wearing the bracelet was a stark reminder of her objective to refrain from drinking. Whenever she was tempted to drink alcohol, seeing the bracelet around her ankle made her think twice.

Before the testing period, Sarah’s greatest fear was that she would not be able to stop drinking alcohol. However, wearing the SCRAM bracelet definitely helped her to stay on track to a life of sobriety.

*Name changed to protect the identity of the client

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