A US politician has called on one of his opponents to take a DNA test to prove her heritage.

Elizabeth Warren is a leading figure in America’s Democratic Party and a potential candidate for the role of vice-president under Hillary Clinton. Her Native American heritage has already led to her being ridiculed by Republicans with presidential hopeful Donald Trump giving her the nickname ‘Pocahontas’.

However, now one of Trump’s supporters has taken things a step further and suggested Warren should take a DNA test to prove she really is descended from Native Americans.

Scott Brown, who lost his role senator for Massachusetts to Warren in 2012, told US reporters: “As you know, she’s not Native American. She’s not 1/32 Cherokee.

“Harvard can release the records, she can authorize the release of those records, or she can take a DNA test.”

He has claimed that she has used her background to win academic positions.

Comments have attracted criticism

However, Brown’s comments have been widely criticised by people claiming he is focusing on her race to distract people from other issues.

TV host Joe Scarborough said: “This is when you know you’re losing a debate. When your opponent is talking about working class Americans, and fighting hard to bring working class Americans back into the mainstream of American economic life, and you are talking about whether someone is 1/32 Native American and suggesting DNA testing.”

DNA testing is more commonly associated with finding out whether you are biologically related to another person. Paternity tests to prove whether someone is the father of a child are the most popular but there are also tests for other family members too.

However, there are also tests which can reveal more about someone’s genetic heritage. AlphaBiolabs offers an ancestry test which can give you more information about your background.

The test will give a percentage of ancestry from four population groups – European, African, East Asian and Indigenous American. However, the figures given are estimates and the test will not make a conclusion on a person’s race.