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Unfortunately, many of us know only too well the consequences of over-indulging on a night out. Hangover cures the morning after range from drinking plenty of water, popping painkillers for a fuzzy head, and relying on a full English breakfast to get us back into the land of the living. However, the headache, dry mouth and queasy stomach may be a thing of the past. The invention of a new synthetic alcohol could eliminate the risk of a hangover altogether.

Called alcosynth, the drink is designed to mirror the effects of alcohol minus the throbbing headache. It is the brainchild of Imperial College Professor, David Nutt, who claims that the effects of alcosynth last around a couple of hours – the same as traditional alcohol. However, because the drink does not cause a build-up of acetaldehyde it won’t result in a nasty hangover.

For the past 10 years, Professor Nutt and his team have been experimenting with approximately 80 different substances that imitate the way alcohol works on the brain but which pose less of a health risk. Their plan now is to raise £7 million to fund the final safety checks to ensure alcosynth is fit for human consumption. It will then be available for selling to the public.

Professor Nutt anticipates rolling out alcosynth to over 100 cocktail bars by 2020, with a long-term aim of it replacing all normal alcohol by 2050. The hope is that the hangover-free booze could revolutionise public health by relieving the burden of alcohol-related diseases, injuries and accidents. According to the charity Alcohol Concern, drinking is the third biggest risk factor for disease and death in the UK, after smoking and obesity.

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