A Warrington based testing laboratory is calling upon laboratories throughout the UK to free up resources to support legal and public organisations and consumers left high and dry as a result of the sudden closure of Manchester-based Trimega Laboratories.

We will go above and beyond to help…

Alphabiolabs have been approached by several local authorities and law firms throughout the UK, which had recently discovered the news that Trimega had gone into administration with several hundred imminent court cases relying on test results, it faced having to begin the process of taking samples once again, so was desperate to find a laboratory which could deliver results quickly.

“It’s impossible to gauge how many organisations are going to need this type of “above and beyond” service over the next few weeks to meet deadlines and ensure that court cases specifically can proceed as scheduled”, says David Thomas, Client Services Director of Alphabiolabs, which also carries out testing for the media.  “With that in mind, I would urge all UK testing labs to allocate and offer sufficient resources to local councils and law firms in their area, who may be struggling to cope with the fallout from these recent developments”.

In response, throughout April, Alphabiolabs is offering an express upgrade (worth £200) free of charge, to all Trimega clients who have pending court cases involving DNA, and drug testing.  The express service promises delivery of results between three to five working days and the company has expressed its commitment to remain open outside of normal working hours to try and help all parties meet their legal deadlines.

Trimega Laboratories was founded in 2006 and expanded its Manchester laboratory in 2012.   Its administrative proceedings are currently being handled by KPMG.