The 12 Days of Christmas - AlphaBiolabs extends support to vulnerable families in crisis

The 12 Days of Christmas – AlphaBiolabs extends support to vulnerable families in crisis

Through our work providing DNA, drug and alcohol testing services to family law firms, local councils, social workers and the public, we have contact with people from various backgrounds, many of them facing huge challenges in their lives.

In a large number of cases, the people our sample collectors meet are undergoing legal or court-instructed DNA, drug or alcohol testing and are struggling with some aspect of daily life.

Strained family relationships, money difficulties, drug and/or alcohol abuse, family violence and child protection issues – all are sadly commonplace in some of the homes our sample collectors visit every day across the UK.

AlphaBiolabs works with a number of charities supporting vulnerable families and individuals throughout the year through our Giving Back campaign.  During 2021 we have partnered with 4 incredible charities with whom our values are very closely aligned, and we will continue to support them during 2022. The UK charities are Nacoa, NYAS, TGP Cymru and SFADD.

We donate £5 for each instruction we receive for legal DNA, drug or alcohol testing, with the monies being passed to each charity on a quarterly basis. It is wonderful to see how our donations are making a difference to their projects and, more importantly, to the lives of the people they work with. In the first 6 months of our Giving Back campaign we have been able to share £19,000.

In the festive spirit, knowing how many people are facing poverty and hunger at this time of year, we have also just launched our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ campaign.  We will donate £100 to 12 of the Trussell Trust food banks across the country, helping to provide emergency food and compassionate, practical support to people in crisis.

Our campaign starts with the foodbank in Warrington, which is closest to our Testing Laboratories, and members of the AlphaBiolabs team will deliver £100 worth of food items on Day One. For the 11 days thereafter we’ll be donating £100 to Trussell Trust food banks in the following locations: London (2 separate food banks), Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Blackburn, Newcastle upon Tyne and Glasgow.

On the twelfth day, we’ll also be giving a £1,000 donation to Cash for Kids, a grant-giving charity that helps disadvantaged children across the UK.

Through our various donations we hope to make a positive difference to some of the families and children who have struggled throughout the year and help make the festive season just that little bit brighter for them.

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