The Guardian Profiles AlphaBiolabs

The Guardian newspaper has run an in-depth article featuring the staff and stories from AlphaBiolabs.

National journalist Kate Hilpern from the Guardian spent a full day quizzing our staff about the day to day running of such a successful DNA, drug and alcohol testing company.

The article which ran in the family section of the newspaper on 15th August 2015 features some of our client’s stories, interviews with our staff and photographs of our Warrington based laboratory.

David Thomas, managing director of AlphaBiolabs said this week: “We wanted to give the press unrestricted access to our laboratory and staff so we can help inform the general public that these days DNA testing is affordable to almost everybody”.

Mr Thomas went on to say that “we also wanted to show that DNA testing is a positive thing and that we help thousands of people every year in not just paternal disagreement’s but in many other areas too”.

The Guardian is a national daily newspaper. Founded in 1821 as a local paper replacing the Manchester Observer, it was known as The Manchester Guardian until 1959.

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