The most common reasons people need a DNA test

With the rise of celebrity culture and those celebrities playing out their lives in the tabloids we are hearing more and more about child support and custody cases. Now many members of the general public are buying DNA tests for a variety of reasons and not all of them obvious, there are additional life circumstances that prompt people to get a DNA test. Here are some common reasons people come to AlphaBiolabs for their DNA Test: To establish rights to an inheritance:  Situations can arise in inheritance cases where unknown or known, but disputed, children of a dead father or mother can file a claim to an inheritance. To be absolutely certain whether the child (minor or adult) in question is an heir to the inheritance, having a legal DNA paternity test completed will clear up any doubts and ensure those who are entitled to an inheritance are treated fairly in the case. To identify a biological vs. Adopted Parent: Sometimes children who are raised by adopted parents or conceived through donor conception to have a desire to find and identify their “biological” father. Similar to cases where a married couple have divorced when a child is young and the child is raised by another man who may assume a father role, there is often a need, once the child grows up, to meet and have a relationship with their biological father. DNA paternity testing is important steps in helping adult children discover their “real (biological)” fathers. To establish ancestry: Some people want to trace their historical past and their link to certain family lines. In this case they can take a DNA sample from themselves and provided the other party is willing take a DNA sample from them and identify common DNA traits. Recent cases have come to light of bones being found and tested which identify these remains as coming from distant relatives for the UK royal family. To establish legal paternity & child support: Where a mother files a legal paternity case against a man for child support to where the presumed father files a legal case against the mother for custody or visitation rights because the mother is denying him access to his child, It is important to identify the biological relationship between the man and child in question. In order to satisfy a UK court of law, a legal DNA paternity test will need to be performed by a reputable laboratory. This DNA sample needs to follow a strict chain of custody, meaning that from the time the DNA sample is taken the procedure is secure and the sample can be followed through the laboratory. You can also have a home DNA paternity test which does not follow this this strict chain of custody call a home paternity test or piece of mind paternity test. This is where the laboratory will send you a kit over which will includes mouth swabs for the mother, child and alleged father. You take the DNA samples by following the instructions and post the samples back to the laboratory. To obtain Life Insurance & Social Security Benefits: When a father is deceased and legal paternity has not been established or paternity is being questioned, life insurance and social security claims may require proof of a child’s paternity. In these types of cases, a doctor/nurse would be court ordered to obtain a DNA sample. The DNA sample would be given to a laboratory to conduct a legal paternity test. This would be 100% proof of his paternity and cannot be disputed by a court or the child’s mother. Some may also need this if the alleged father disputes paternity of a child and the CMS (Child Maintenance Service) is taking action to recover child support payments from the alleged father. To confirm sibling relationships: When two or more people believe that they may be siblings for example a brother or sister, a DNA paternity test on each sibling will determine if they indeed share a common father; but, this will not tell them who their father is.  In order to confirm who the fathers of the siblings are, the presumed father must submit to a DNA paternity test.
True identical twins, however, do share the same father since they have identical genetic codes and come from the same egg. For work purposes: Some people work in a high risk environment such as the military and wants to be able to identify their remains if the worse was to happen such as an explosion or fire and only some small human remains are left it can make identification of those remain easier. They can take a single genetic profile test which they take alone and save the results with family members or solicitors.

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