The paternity test no one told Bridget Jones about

Paternity testing has been brought into the spotlight in the latest Bridget Jones film. The character, played by Renée Zellweger, is back on the big screen in Bridget Jones’s Baby. But this time Bridget finds herself needing a paternity test after falling pregnant and being unsure of the identity of the father. With two men who could be the potential father of her child, Bridget is offered an amniocentesis so she can find out which one it is. However, the character refuses the test, which involves using a long needle to collect amniotic fluid directly from the womb, when her doctor tells her there is a risk of it causing a miscarriage. This decision sees Bridget waiting until the baby is born to have a DNA test which finally reveals which of the two men is the father. But in reality, Bridget didn’t need to wait so long to get an answer about her child’s paternity. There is a way of testing paternity during pregnancy without taking a risky invasive test.

Prenatal option with no miscarriage risk

AlphaBiolabs offers a prenatal paternity test, which analyses DNA from the baby which is found in his or her mother’s bloodstream. As it only involves taking a blood sample from the mother, there is no risk of causing miscarriage. In contrast, an amniocentesis carries a one per cent risk of miscarriage, meaning around one in every 100 women who have the test will lose their baby. Non-invasive prenatal paternity tests use the very latest technology to extract the child’s DNA from the blood sample. It can be carried out from the eighth week of pregnancy so there is no need for months of uncertainty waiting until after the baby is born. AlphaBiolabs sends trained sample collectors to a convenient location to collect blood from both the mother and the suspected father. The results, which are highly accurate, will then be available in between 10 to 14 business days. Getting the test done during pregnancy allows both the mother and the father to come to terms with the result and make plans for the future before the baby’s arrival. Bridget Jones’s Baby is showing in cinemas now.