Third Fastest Growing DNA Laboratory

Data released to AlphaBiolabs by the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG) has shown that AlphaBiolabs is the third fastest growing laboratory in Europe and the fourth largest testing laboratory in total. The ISFG compared the top 60 DNA relationship testing laboratories throughout Europe and looked at the number of DNA relationship cases that each of the laboratories processed in 2014 and compared this number to 2013 numbers. The International Society for Forensic Genetics is an international association promoting scientific knowledge in the field of genetic markers analysed for forensic purposes. The ISFG was founded in 1968 and represents more than 1100 members from over 60 countries. In 2013 International Society for Forensic Genetics rated AlphaBiolabs as the fourth largest DNA relationship testing laboratory in Europe and they have done this again even though the report shows that AlphaBiolabs is one of the top three fastest growing DNA testing laboratories. Managing director (Mr David Thomas) said regarding the report’s findings that “this report from the ISFG shows that DNA testing is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society”. “At one time DNA testing was expensive , time consuming and had a stigma attached to it that made going for a DNA relationship test something to be discrete about. But due to TV shows like the Jeremy Kyle show DNA testing has lost a lot of the stigma attached to it”. “Also over recent years the price of the DNA testing has become more affordable to the man on the street. At AlphaBiolabs we are always looking for new technologies or new ways of doing things to reduce the price of the testing so we can pass on this saving to the consumer”. AlphaBiolabs offers DNA relationship testing from its Warrington based UKAS accredited laboratory to members of the public, the legal profession and local authorities throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. It has offices in London, Manchester and Liverpool, but also runs a national network of support nurses who are qualified to take DNA samples from their customers at their homes. In the last twelve months AlphaBiolabs have invested heavily in bring the very latest DNA testing technology to the UK and are now the only UK laboratory to test DNA samples using 24 markers where the UK standard is 16.