Top 10 UK Home DNA Test Laboratories

If you live in the UK, you will most likely want to go with the UKs number one testing laboratory for your DNA testing needs. If you need a DNA paternity home test kit for example, you are more likely to get quick and effective results if the sample does not need to be sent away externally by the company that has taken the sample in case of delays. Our DNA paternity tests for peace of mind provide next working day DNA results as standard because we do not need to send the specimens externally and we deal with a large number of samples daily, allowing us to efficiently process and analyse them in batches.

Who is Number One for UK Home DNA Testing?

Many companies claim to have secured pole position in the top 10 UK home testing firms but this can be a little bit misleading as many of them do not have laboratories in the UK so the testing is not actually performed in the UK. Many of them send their samples elsewhere in Europe or even to the US which as you can imagine would inevitably slow the process down in transit, no matter how swiftly the actual analysis takes place.

UK Based DNA Laboratory

Because AlphaBiolabs have our own UK based laboratory, with our paternity DNA test for peace of mind, we are able to provide results within the next working day when samples arrive at our laboratory before 10.00am. This next day paternity DNA test for peace of mind service is as standard, so there are no extra costs involved for such quick DNA testing results. We can also provide court approved legal DNA testing, which maintains chain of custody throughout the process, with results of DNA testing for legal purposes in 3 working days as standard. Furthermore we provide Drug & Alcohol testing with fast results as we also have Toxicology experts and the latest equipment within our UK based laboratory. If you would prefer your samples for DNA tests to stay within the UK to minimise turnaround times then please contact our friendly UK based customer service team on 0333 600 1300 or They will be happy to take your call to arrange DNA testing, Drug & Alcohol testing or to send you out a home DNA testing kit to your address.