Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury has called for drugs to be allowed in boxing to create a level playing field.

The world heavyweight title challenger believes the use of banned substances is prevalent in the sport and has suggested one way of addressing the problem would be to allow fighters to take them.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: “The old fashioned ways ain’t the ways so I’m all open for drugs because if we want to go forward in life and be in a democratic world, as they say, then I think being in a democratic world means that we have to be open to different things.”

He went on to say: “Why don’t they just make drugs totally legal in sports, then everybody would be taking drugs then it would be fully fair wouldn’t it? It’s none of my concern really, but if the governing bodies want to do that then I think it would be a bit fairer because you’ve got all the people taking drugs and when you face a man who is not taking drugs it becomes unfair doesn’t it?”

Fury’s comments are likely to cause controversy in the world of boxing where former world featherweight champion Barry McGuigan has already called for any fighter caught taking drugs to be given a life ban from the sport.

Boxer says he stays away from banned substances

But Fury said that he himself did not take any banned substances and that his body had been achieved naturally.

He added: “It doesn’t bother me because at the end of the day it’s determination over drugs any time. If a man wants to pump himself full of drugs, it’s only shortening his life isn’t it?

“That’s why you see a lot of these body builders and weightlifters have heart attacks young because they’re pumped up so much and the heart can’t take the pressure.”

Drug tests are carried out routinely in sport to check whether competitors have taken any banned substances which might affect their performance and give them an unfair advantage.

And it is becoming increasingly common for employers to follow a similar approach and introduce workplace drug testing to check whether any of their staff are misusing illegal substances which could affect safety and how they perform their job.

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